Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by Quirky Bird Theatre

Exploring female identity, body image and the pressures of being a young woman, this fiery and funny contemporary text will be realised as a highly stylised and ensemble take on this one-woman show at the end of Quirky Bird Theatre’s Play in a Week session.

Alice lives in the 19th century, writing her diary, obsessed with self-improvement. Suddenly she comes face to face with her future self. She is shocked to find her body becoming a battleground. It starves, binges, vomits, smokes, drinks, medicates and gets pierced. Alice can eat a whole grocery store. But she can also live on shards of celery and mouthfuls of water for days and days. One day she is emaciated. The next, huge. She puts a ring through her belly button. Then her nose. Then her tongue. Alice can’t stop wanting to be gorgeous…

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