Group 1 Final Major Project – Circomedia Graduates

Listed by: Circomedia
Contact: Mia Lake (Email)

29 & 30 May
Portland Square

The background music fades, the house lights begin to dim and the audience shuffle in their seats while they still can. Warm stage spots buzz into life as an expectant hush descends. These curtains are so familiar, almost comforting, but now it’s time to step out from behind them and into the light.

Following a successful tour of their show Out Of The Loop back in January, and emerging from the Practice As Research part of the course, our Third Year BA students present their individual and distinctive approaches to performance.

Across three showings (each for two nights) these soon-to-be graduates will draw together everything they have learnt during their time at Circomedia as they combine physical theatre, circus disciplines and a variety of other performance styles.

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