H.P. Lovecraft Gallery of Screams

Contact: Naomi Jeremy (Email)

Robert Lloyd Parry returns to Tobacco Factory Theatres with two tales of terror by H.P. Lovecraft, the American master of ‘the Weird tale.’

Any magazine-cover hack can splash paint around and call it a ‘Witches’ Sabbath’ or ‘Portrait of the Devil.’ But only a real artist can make it scare you…

In these two tales of terror by H. P. Lovecraft, an art critic and a philosopher get pushed to the very edge of sanity by the images and sounds they confront.

Pickman’s Model introduces us to the uncannily brilliant work of Richard Upton Pickman – a genius shunned by the artistic establishment because of his sickening canvases. This story is paired with The Music of Eric Zann, an eerie, baffling tale that Lovecraft himself counted as a personal favourite.

Robert Lloyd Parry has spent the last 13 years enacting The M R James Project, a series of one-man shows based on classic English ghost stories. Here he crosses the Atlantic to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft – M R James’s contemporary – a stranger, sadder man but one with an arguably even greater talent for bringing nightmares to life.

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