Heather and Harry

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 Stumble Trip Theatre

Heather is a heavenly creature, residing in paradise with her gangster rapper husband Zeus.

Her obsession with the mortals on earth leads to her being cast from heaven to the midst of Londinian mayhem.

Lost and isolated in her bejewelled leotard she wanders the streets and stumbles upon Harry. Finding solace in this lonely cockney philosopher who shows her proof of beauty and love amongst the chaos.

Combining cabaret, mime and storytelling Heather and Harry is an extremely silly unpicking of what it means to be human…. And in LOVE.

Stumble Trip Theatre are here to make you feel warm and fuzzy with this genre-blending gender-bending love story.

Trained in physical, musical and classical theatre, The Stumble Trippers have learnt all the rules and now intend to break them.

An innocent inquest into love, sexual awakenings and city life. Stumble Trip will take you on a journey using just some sequins and impressive fake beards.

“…had me laughing and giggling for the whole duration. It is light-hearted and silly, a real pick-me-up in the midst of dark winter nights and ‘serious’ theatre.”
A Younger Theatre Review

“….well-structured and witty piece”
A Younger Theatre Review

“Simply wonderful! Hilarious and made me shed a tear too. You’re what the world needs!”
Ella Morrish – Harvard Press.

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