High School Never Ends The Musical

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Written by Owen B Lewis (based around songs of Bowling for Soup)

Set in 2008 between Texas and Ohio – a landscape that links in with the lyrics of the songs and the lifestyle of Grammy nominated band, Bowling for Soup – High School Never Ends the Musical is a comedic love story. It is a heartfelt tale to appeal to everyone who struggled throughout high school; and a life-affirming story for anyone who sometimes feels dissatisfaction at how later life has turned out.

A series of nostalgia-filled flashback scenes from the 1980s highlight the peculiarities of being a high school student – a sense of bewilderment that never truly leaves us when we move into the adult world. Sexuality, love, dreams, fear and lack of confidence are just some of the topics that High School Never Ends the Musical explores, as a strong cast of characters attempt to be true to themselves in a world that has proved itself deeply disappointing.

Winston Theatre

Queens' Road, Clifton

Date: Fri, 17th Apr 2020
Time: 19:00

Price: £25

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