Holly Stoppit’s Work In Progress

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Starring Holly Stoppit

Holly Stoppit is a director, facilitator, university lecturer, dramatherapist and artistic director of Beyond The Ridiculous. Holly specialises in creating live, playful, interactive, improvised and devised performance.

Somewhere along the road, Holly stopped performing.

A little voice has been growing inside for the last few years, whispering “Maybe I want to do a show”. The Wardrobe Theatre have given Holly this opportunity to give that voice some space.

Each month Holly will be showing unfinished work, born out her own exploratory process. She’ll be dragging in collaborators to support her with music, lighting and sound. It’ll be a casual affair, you won’t need to dress up! Each month will tackle a different theme. You’ll get a sneaky peek into Holly’s creative process and get to watch and influence her journey as she inches back onto the stage!

Sunday 5th February
Sunday 5th March
Sunday 2nd April


It’s pay what you decide on the night

Holly’s Website: http://www.hollystoppit.com/

“A grand master of fools, some may claim her as their queen, a shining leader of a growing cult of foolishness in Bristol and beyond.”

“Holly Stoppit has the expressive eyes of Wallace’s Gromit and the physicality of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
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