Holly Stoppit’s Clown Residency at Bristol Museum

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 Holly Stoppit

Bristol Museum has invited renowned local clown teacher, performer and researcher Holly Stoppit to be their first ever clown-in-residence this autumn.

Holly will be offering a programme of free performances, pop up play sessions and nonsensical tours, and a low-cost laughter yoga workshop (dates & details below) at the museum at the top of Park Street in Bristol. In between times she’ll be writing up her ridiculous clown research, live blogging and writing chapters of her bonkers book.

You can join in Holly’s big clown experiment by completing her clown-in-residence questionnaire in advance – your answers will prompt what props and costumes she uses, and guide her improvised performances: tinyurl.com/clownsquestions (questionnaire deadline 15 October)

Holly’s residency coincides with the museum’s Clowns: The Eggs-hibition, itself part of Circus 250 – a national celebration of 250 years of circus in 2018. The exhibition includes stunning costumes, fascinating archives and a collection of clown eggs – egg shells painted with a clown’s face makeup to copyright each one’s unique look.

Holly says “I’m thrilled to be donning my red nose and releasing my clown into this wonderful and respected institution. This could perhaps be the first time somewhere as sensible as a museum has had a clown-in-residence – what a ridiculous idea! I will be trying very hard to not fall over and smash any of the precious eggs. I promise.”

Dates & details

Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 October
Thursday 1 November (half term)

  • Interactive clown performances 11am-12 noon each day – come and find Holly in the museum, living in the state of clown, finding games with everyday objects and inviting you to play.
  • Family play sessions 1-2pm and 3-4pm each day – bring your kids to play clown games and find out what happens behind the scenes at clown school.
  • Free. No need to book, just turn up.

Wednesday 14 November

  • Laughter Yoga Workshop 6-7pm – simple games and fun exercises to get you laughing for absolutely no reason, leaving you feeling euphoric, relaxed and de-stressed.
  • This will be a ticketed event, details tbc.

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 November

  • Interactive clown performances 11am-12 noon each day (as above).
  • Walking tours for grown-ups 1-2pm and 3-4pm each day – comedy tours of the exhibition, offering snippets of clown history amongst stacks of stupidity.
  • Performances and walking tours are free. Tours must be booked on the day – so arrive early!
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