Hot Dates from the Past

Contact: Tom Marshman (Email)

Hosted at The Red Lodge Musuem

Following on from the success of this engaging LGBTQ focused tour; Hot Dates from the past is back!

The grand Elizabethan Red Lodge Museum will once again be transformed into a dating site, taking inspiration from chats on dating apps, secret histories and fantasies that reveal all. The lodge will become a site like Tinder, Grinder, Scruff, Guardian soul mates etc.

Will you be swiping left or right as you move from banqueting hall to bedchamber?

Will you find love in a portrait or amongst fellow guests?


Join us for a one-off steamy night as we weave through the truths and fictions of dating history with artists Tom Marshman, Timberlina and Catherine Hoffmann.


Pop up bar, for your pleasure!


Hot Dates from the Past is produced by Beacons, Icons and Dykons.


The Red Lodge Museum is located on Park Row (BS1 5LJ)

Look out for the bright red door!


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