The Same Faces presents: Uncle Armando

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The Same Faces are returning to Bristol Improv Theatre with their unique brand of U.S. style long-form, as they introduce you to their Uncle Armando.

A single word taken from the audience, inspires one of the players to tell a true story from their life, which becomes the basis of a series of scenes. One word produces three different worlds in a matter of minutes!

About The Same Faces
The Same Faces are one of the biggest improv communities in the Midlands. Based in Leicester with additional shows and workshops in Northampton, TSF has been delivering top quality improv for over six years, picking up two consecutive award nominations from Leicester Comedy Festival along the way.

Tom Young, Allan Smith, Dave Gotheridge, Ki Shah and Mark Vigil are amongst the regular players, but the full rotating roster features over 30 people – you could be standing next to one of them right now, and you’d have no idea…

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