Hula Hoop Dance Workshop

Contact: Iris West ()

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is a begginer or wants to improve on skills they already know.

In this workshop you will learn fancy on and off body tricks, core hula hooping techniques and a funky dance group routine. We will cover a wide range of skills, so come, learn and play with a hula hoop.

Iris West has over eight years of hooping experience. She has travelled all over the UK performing her multi hoop routines in various big top circus. Over the last few years she has taught regular classes and workshops to people of all ages and abilities, including master classes in on body core hooping, body rools and twins.

Workshop price is £20 and hoops will be provided.

Book your place here:

Any questions please message me or call on 07544436587.

This is taking place in The Island Dance Space – please use the Bridewell Street entrance.

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