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Presented by Baz Jellicoe

Three vulnerable people sharing an attic divided into ‘hutches’, meekly eke out an existence, but their landlord’s plans force them to choose between surrender or resistance.

Hutch is a comedy with a serious message which examines the injustices and absurdities of the current housing crisis and, in particular, ‘sex for rent’. The play conveys the everyday struggles of cold, hunger, noise, unfit housing, lack of privacy and exploitative landlords.

There are three main characters: Svenya, a victim of domestic violence who is in hiding, working as a sex chatline operator; Bob who works in a public library and is an ex-convict; and Debbie who has run away from home. When the landlord hatches a plan to exploit Debbie, the others need to decide whether to look the other way or make a stand.

Audience reaction to the play (Out of Your Mind festival, Egg theatre, April 2018)
“Superb: hard-hitting, but also very funny; theatrically innovative and very topical. The three main characters were very likeable and their humanity helped shine a light on our disgraceful housing crisis and those “left behind”.”
“Just … to say how much I enjoyed Hutch – it is a great set up and really well plotted + v funny, sharp writing.”
“I enjoyed every minute of the play. It was funny, moving and conveyed a powerful message.”

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