I Am Echoborg

Listed by: Victoria Jones
Contact: Victoria Jones (Email)

Written and Directed by  Rik Lander

I Am Echoborg, is a funny and thought-provoking performance created each night by the audience having a conversation with an artificial intelligence.

We have gone out and found a state of the art self-programming AI and installed it in the Cube. It thinks it’s at work. We want some of you to speak to it. It is early days for the relationship between humans and intelligent machines. We want to know if you can discover the best possible outcome. Oh and by the way, it will only speak through an Echoborg, a human that repeats its words, but may not add her own. Are you an Echoborg too?

Devised by Rik Lander, maker of The Memory Dealer which was at Mayfest in 2013. The AI used in the show has been built by Rik in collaboration with professional ChatBot designer Phil D Hall of Elzware Conversational Systems. With support from Patrick Crogan (UWE Bristol) a researcher of ‘automation anxiety’.

See http://echoborg.com for more details.
Doors 7:30pm

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