If you don’t mind?

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By Le Lido

A universe of the absurd: eight cultures colliding in collaboration.

Can you make a Lithuanian cry? Where is Uruguay? Chihuahua is not just a dog. Did you know that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are not from Chile? France? Is yodelling legal in Switzerland? Argentina rhymes with ballerina. Why don’t kangaroos have two pockets? God save the what? 

We hope you don’t mind. Maybe you will, maybe we don’t care. Sorry, I mean we do. Well… so how are you? It doesn’t matter. Well, everything matters. But not really.

“Si ça vous dérange pas?” is a show about identity. A collective of acrobats, aerialists and jugglers from eight different countries come together for 60 minutes to explore what brings us together and what pushes us apart.

The ensemble has spent the past two years working together at Le Lido. A circus school in France which places the artist at the centre of what concerns them, driving for artistic autonomy and authenticity, Le Lido searches for what makes each artist unique.

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