Ila – Interactive dance performance for families

Listed by: Katy Noakes

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By Adesola Akinleye and Dancing Strong

Dive into a magical world of lines, connections and movement.

Meaning ‘line’ in Yoruba, ‘Ila’ is an engaging, exploratory dance performance for young audiences with inquiring minds. With live music and an invitation to play and particpate, Ila looks at what connects us to each other and to what surrounds us.

Accompanied by live music, two dancers adrfit on their own islands enter a magical world where connections become visible – soundwaves ripple through bodies, lines and angles converge in new journies and forms and children are invited to play.

Inspired by selected museum objects, ‘Ila’ was created through residencies with three Primary schools close to each partner museum.

Performance length: 50 Mins
Suitable for Audience Ages: 3 – 8 years 

Watch the subititled trailer:

Ila takes place as part of One Dance UK’s Bloom Festival :


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