Impermanence Presents… Crystal Zillwood & The House of Strays

Contact: Bristol Old Vic (Email)

Created and Performed by Crystal Zillwood & The House of Strays

Crystal Zillwood‘s Evolutio is a 15 minute solo that zooms out and looks from a distance at our shared history, considering where we as humans are at right now, and where we are potentially heading to

These Hands is inspired by observations of those working on the land and with machines on a dairy farm in mid-Devon. The audience will hear the voice of June Palfrey and Dennis Palfrey throughout the performance. June is 78 and has farmed on Morebath dairy farm for 65 years. You will also hear the voice of Dennis Palfrey who was born, raised and has lived on Morebath for 70 years. These Hands is a celebration of the everyday, set to recordings of those who work the land, considering their history in my body, as well as the craft and work that goes into the creation of this piece.

The House of Strays was created by Artistic Director Fionn Cox-Davies. He and Florencia Martina, one of two Associate Artists, came together to make Verses: a series of vignettes each differing in personality, woven together like verses of a song. Composer Marcos Mezza came to the work which now sits in a live sound score. “There is no perfection only life” – Milan Kundera |


On Crystal’s Work:

“An exceptionally well observed piece”

Wayne McGregor, Choreographer

“Zillwood conjures worlds out of thin air… a revelatory solo”

Donald Hutera, The Times

“An undemonstrative but highly articulate performer, Zillwood manages to suggest an expansive vision within a miniature work.”

Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian

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