Impressions: A six week exploration of movement improvisation

Contact: Scarlet (Email)

 Scarlet Hall

Wednesday 6pm-8pm. Starting 19th February.

Dancing, or moving creatively, can be a daunting experience for so many of us. Often, our judging head turns up loud and our nervous systems prickle at the thought (or reality) of others’ opinions of us. Movement improvisation gives us another kind of support; one which guides a connection to our already-moving body with curiosity and attention. In this course, we will try out tools and practices that can settle anxious bodies, steady the worrying mind and open up to new possibilities of movement, both individually and in relation to others.

Who is this course for?

This course is open to people who would like to have a movement practice, and to those who already have one. I aim to make a space in which you can explore this practice in your own way in your own time. We all have long histories and habits of how we move and hold our bodies and these are important – they have kept us alive.

What will we do?

Movement improvisation is a practice that involves a lot of generating attention. We will do exercises through which we tune in to all kinds of things; our habitual movement, the effect of different bodies on the nervous system, the impression of imaginaries on the already-moving body, the effect of different senses.

As a improviser and teacher, I am interested in tuning up our perceptions and our senses to what more is already there. I find that this extra information is a vast source of creative movement. This information includes bodily sensations, skeletal system, or patterns in the wider group or environment.

Through the course I am aiming to make a space in which our capacity to be creative and agile with both our attention capacity and our movement grows.

Bookings and accessibility

Please email if you would to know more or to book a place: [email protected]

Queer and trans folks particularly encouraged to join.

It wil be held in St Lukes Church Hall, Barton Hill, BS5 9FB. It is on a first floor with about 15 steps to go up. If you would like to attend and this is an issue for you please do get in touch to say oy, sort it out. Toilets are on the ground floor.

£64/£40 concession but please get in touch if finances are an obstacle to see if we can make it work.

My Background

This training draws from my experience in Physical Theatre, Action Theater, and Dance Improvisation, as well as Somatics and Body work. Teachers who have had a big influence on my practice include Brenda Waites, Seke Chimentengwende and Rosalind Crisp.

My movement work is informed by a long time involvement in anti-oppression work. I am noticing how these conflicts show up in our relational bodies. I am interested in exploring together how movement improvisation practices can build our capacity to respond to conflicts, emerging from different intersections of power and privilege with more spaciousness and agency. I am developing movement workshops that address this more explicitly.

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