Impressions: An eight week exploration into movement improvisation

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 Scarlet Hall

Impressions: An eight week exploration into movement improvisation

St Luke’s Church Hall, Barton Hill, BS5 9FB
th October – 27th November (Every Wednesday, 6pm – 8pm)
£64/£40 concession.

To improvise is to find the wonder in what is emerging and to play with it so that we are present right in the aliveness of the moment, not stuck in habits that deaden us. Improvising is something we do in many contexts – whether that’s playing jazz, arguing in the pub, responding to posts on social media, campaigning, cooking, or simply moving.

A movement improvisation practice welcomes unanticipated and spontaneous movement that happens through engaging with whatever is happening right in the moment of moving. It welcomes and respects the long histories and habits of how we move and hold our bodies, given what we have experienced through our different histories. As we become more aware of our perceptions, these habits of movement can come in to focus and we can get curious with them.

This training in movement improvisation introduces different tools to sharpen perception, expand awareness, dance with impressions and play with our imaginations. From this rich material, we might find ourselves already moving in new ways.

This training draws from my experience in Physical Theatre, Action Theater, and Dance Improvisation, as well as Somatics and Body work. My movement work is informed by a committed involvement anti-oppression work. I am interested in developing movement improvisation practices that contribute to shifting patterns of power and privilege, as they show up in our bodies and relationships. This summer I led a research project using movement improvisation to explore and transform patterns of defensiveness, drawing on Sara Ahmed’s work Cultural Politics of Emotions, and from who this title comes

The course is open to everyone with a movement practice, and those who would like to have one.

Queer and trans folks particularly encouraged to join

Please email if you would to know more or to book a place:

[email protected]


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