Improv Comedy Longform Course [Improv 201]

Contact: John Gallagher ()

Improv 201

Create engaging scenes.
We focus on playing real characters, and exploring in the moment. We learn how to act truthfully in scenes, and how to construct a platform through world exploration.
The final class will be dedicated to the Montage format.

If you are a comedian looking to improve you craft, a writer looking for inspiration, or someone who just wants to try something new, this course is for you!

Instructor: John Gallagher Portero

This course is brought to you by the Longform Improv Community in Bristol. Once completed, more courses will be available, including:
Improv 301 – Game
Improv 401 – Harold

Every Tuesday for four weeks
9th April – 30th April
7:00pm – 10:00pm

6 West Street
Old Market
Bristol BS2 0BH

This course is capped to 12 participants

To reserve a spot in the course, please email

This course will cost £50
Once confirmed, please make your payment BEFORE the start of the course

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