Improv to Stand up with Chris Head (Weekend Intensive)

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Please note: this course runs from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday with a showcase for friends and family at 6.30pm on Sunday evening.

Are you an improviser wanting to get into stand up? You can do it in two days.
Over one weekend, create and perform a five-minute stand up comedy act. In the experienced hands of Chris Head you will be guided through finding your persona, creating material and delivering it so it works.

Stand up improvisation exercises and games will:

  • Help you find your persona
  • Teach you the skills you need to deliver your act and work the room.
  • Inspire you to create original material

Crucially, you will learn how to construct and deliver a stand up set without having to write and learn a script word-for-word, as a lot of beginners do.
Perfect for improvisers, this approach sets you up with a solid framework of comic ideas and a structured set, and then through a semi-improvised performance you can:

  • Create a freer and more dynamic performance style
  • Be more naturally interactive with the audience
  • Improvise new lines and ideas on stage


“Chris Head was very nurturing and encouraging – any joke we came up with had potential and could be salvaged with some tweaks in wording and delivery. His command of comedic theory was useful in helping us see the matrix of standup (and even indirectly provided insight into generating premise for longform improv).” Dani Alon, July 2018
“[The course] was laid out in a very logical way with lots of time at the mic, I think it was extremely well structured.”Course participant, July 2018
“[I liked] Chris’ flexibility in facilitating everyone’s individual style/persona. Was really well designed to produce a fun evening at the end of the course.” Course participant, July 2018


Chris has directed, taught and coached stand up for over ten years both independently and as lecturer for Bath Spa University. He directs shows for the stage including at all the major venues of the Edinburgh Fringe, across the UK, numerous venues in London including Soho Theatre and Bloomsbury Theatre, and internationally at the likes of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. When he’s not doing that he teaches stand-up speaking skills to corporate clients, working with the likes of Google, Channel 4, ITV and BBC.
He is the author of A Director’s Guide to the Art of Stand-up (Bloomsbury Methuen).

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