Improv Triple Bill: Helen / Friends Like These / When It Rains

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The BIT presents a triple bill of improv talent, especially sourced from the South West. Tonight’s acts are:


Helen is an improvised comedy trio made up of the inimitable Helen Herman, Ivor Cutler protege Joe Coles and the enfant terrible of the Irish Dubstep scene Hubert McIntyre.

Helen have pioneered the H.E.L.E.N comedy home delivery service, which as far as is known, is the first of its kind. They specialise in enacting Freudian nightmares.

Friends Like These

Created by Bristol-based theatre makers The Delight Collective, Friends Like These is a celebration of platonic love and friendship in its many forms.

Featuring Imogen Palmer (Closer Each Day, Impro Melbourne, Soothplayers: The Improvised Shakespeare, The Bish Bosh Bash!) and Caitlin Campbell (Murder, She Didn’t Write, This Is Your Musical, The Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes) with guests.

When It Rains

Two improvisers, two rooms, two experiences, one show. A reflective exploration of your memories, between two people who never meet.

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