Informative Essay Topics For College Students

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Informative essay topics for college students are designed to present facts about a topic that is unknown. Unlike persuasive essays, informative essays should not present an opinion or an argument; they should be well researched and present facts on the subject matter to analyze problems, education readers, or define complex issues. If you want to become better than you are today you should look for a new source of information such like a libruarys, different websites as     MeowEssay. Here are a few informative essay topics you can use:

  1. The cause of global warming.
  2. How cholesterol affects the heart.
  3. What the effects of poverty are on your local community.
  4. The importance of a healthy diet and consistent exercise.
  5. Immediate results after reducing carbon emissions.
  6. How to buy a house after graduating college with no job.
  7. The health benefits of being a vegan.
  8. The reason education is essential for economic growth.
  9. Which herbal medicines can be used to stop the flu.
  10. The history of Marvel comics.
  11. The mental effects of smoking marijuana.
  12. The future of nanotechnology.
  13. The history of corneal transplants.
  14. Timeline of the increasing childhood obesity epidemic.
  15. The beginnings of the AIDs virus.
  16. The negative effects of open internet access.
  17. How caffeine changes the brain over time.
  18. How to start investing money in stocks and bonds while in college.
  19. The results of genetically modified plants and crops in the United States.
  20. Which alternative fuels are viable in the next 10 years.


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