Instant Wit

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Contact: Stephanie Weston (Email)

It’s Friday 13th, but a lucky night if you’re a fan of songs, gags and silliness, all of them based around audience suggestions.

Maybe you’d like to see a press conference where a famous person has to guess which startling secret they’re about to reveal and even who they are? Or watch a scene where the actors can talk as much as they want but are moved and positioned by a member of the audience?  Your wish is our command!  But don’t worry, nobody is forced to participate and we even build in a section where anonymous suggestions, written down in the interval, can be acted out. Good suggestions receive flying packets of custard; the best of the evening gets a bottle of wine!

Many people have seen improvised comedy on the TV but remember, this is not recorded and edited, but totally live! If you like your comedy fast-paced and with a slightly unusual edge, this is definitely for you.

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