International Women’s Day featuring Derek’s Mojo

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This year the Bristol Improv Theatre celebrates international women’s day with a double bill of fantastic female talent

Join us from 6:30pm for the Exhibition of Inspirational Women in the bar. Enjoy a cocktail and see artwork made by the performers and other collaborators in response to the stories unearthed by the ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ project.

Derek’s Mojo

Derek’s MoJo, a hybrid improv adventure that weaves traditional improv games into a long-form narrative to explore friendship with all of its challenges: similarities, differences, life-changing lessons, and unexpected undertakings. Think fun, think fast, think ‘Oh my Lord did that just really happen?’

Featuring Monica Gaga and Jodyanne FR.

Two vibrant, funny and reliable people who come together in an explosion of all things good! They definitely have the mojo, we just don’t know where Derek has gone!?!
The Good Women of 20% less

Refreshing, HILARIOUS! Improv comedy Queens! One word – AMAZING! Two words – GO SEE!
Luke Geddis, House of Comedy

If These Walls Could Talk

What would the walls say about the lives of women, if they came alive in the same location in 1920, 1980 and 2020?

Join us for an evening of exploration, sharing and discovery as a group of female-identifying performers share the lives of the women in their families and improvise scenes in response to these stories and the stories of the audience. Expect honest, heart-warming and often funny storytelling.

Original concept by Amy Moule (Impro Melbourne).
Adapted and directed by Imogen Palmer (The Bish Bosh Bash, IMOGENÉ: the improvised pop concert)

If These Walls Could Talk is the latest theatre show to come from The Delight Collective (‘5 stars!’- Bristol 247) in collaboration with The Bristol Improv Theatre.

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