Introduction to Commedia dell’arte with Imogen Palmer

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Discover the roots of improvised comedy through the Italian clowning form of Commedia dell’arte!

Bands of Commedia troupes would tour Europe during the 16th – 18th centuries, using a range of stock characters to reflect and poke fun of society at the time.

Many of these stock characters are recognisable in our society today and are a delightful way to explore how we can use our physicality on stage, master-servant relationships and character dynamics.

Join Imogen Palmer for a three hour insight into a sample of the Commedia archetypes and let your inner clown out.

Suitable for actors, improvisers, clowns and anyone interested in being playful with other humans. No prior experience of Commedia or performing required, just an open mind and readiness to dive into some physical work.

Please note, this workshop will not include the use of commedia masks.

Imogen Palmer
Imogen has been training in and performing improvised theatre and comedy for 8 years. She has developed her love of Commedia through working with masters Didi Hopkins (National Theatre) and Fabio Mangolini (Cornucopia Performing Arts Labs) and trained in clown with Deanna Fleysher (Butt Kapinksy) and Phil Burgers (Dr Brown). She is a regular instructor at The Bristol Improv Theatre and the Artistic Director of The Delight Collective, which produces the shows ‘The Bish Bosh Bash!’, ‘Friends Like These’ and ‘IMOGENÉ: the improvised pop concert’.

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