Introduction to Physical Theatre – A Ten Week Course

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Discover how to use your physicality to create engaging and compelling non-verbal performance with experienced Physical Theatre teacher and performer Dominique Fester!
Dominique’s work is rooted in her belief that the language of the body and the visual impact it has should be given at least as much importance as text, or voice. This course will give you a physical grounding in the methods Dominique learned through her training at the school for Actor training in Paris, founded by Jacques Lecoq in 1952 combined with her vast experience of dance improv, comedy improv, clowning and fooling. 

This course aims to increase your confidence and give you the skills to express yourself through your physicality, whilst providing you with the tools to devise work as part of an ensemble. You will stretch, run about a lot and use your muscles. You will be shaken out of your brains and into your bodies! At the end of ten weeks you will have a clear expressive style as a physical theatre performer, with the ability to create short pieces of powerful theatre in groups.

1) How will it pan out?
Over the ten weeks we will explore the mechanics of movement; breaking down how the human body moves and improving our performance expertise. This will be a safe pleasurable environment, where we develop a technique as a group, creating our own style by asking, “What’s working?” We will gently and joyfully discover and extend our natural co-ordination through dance improv exercises and physical theatre exercises including:
Replay – the art of bringing dramatic storylines to everyday life. We will draw out your strength and flexibility and raise your heart rate.

Universal Poetic Awareness. We will develop a palette of tools to work with, much like visual artists – exploring colours, the elements, fire, water; how to embody materials – the crunch of broken glass underfoot or the burst of a flock of birds taking flight.

Rhythm. We will explore rhythm – how a skipped heartbeat in a story can change it’s meaning. How changing the rhythm of a scene brings it to life.

Neutral Mask. The stripping down of our natural movement away from the kinks and habits we’ve developed towards a more simple, human way of moving.
Devising. Each week you will be challenged to create a piece of work in response to a theme, which will be performed in groups – a process known as Autocours.
In the final session, we will share the cream of the devised performances for an invited audience agreed upon by the group.
We will laugh a lot!

2. Who is it for?
Anyone with a genuine interest in physical theatre with a desire to open their minds and bodies in embracing this form of performance is welcome on the course. The training will add to and enhance the skills for performers of all levels, and is open to people with a background in any movement discipline who are interested in making theatre from physicality.

3. Who is Dominique Fester?
Dominique Fester has been teaching and performing in physical theatre for the last 15 years. She studied Contemporary Dance at Rubicon Cardiff, and trained at the Lecoq School in Paris where she learnt advanced performance and theatre making. Dominique currently teaches alternative theatre to adults alongside performing with and providing physical theatre training for the company members of fooling ensemble ‘Beyond The Ridiculous’ run by Holly Stoppit.

4. Where is it?

The course will be held over 10 Tuesday sessions lasting 2.5 hrs each, from 18.00 to 20.30 in the Events Space at Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft BS1 3QY.

5. When is it?It will take place on the following dates:

1) 9th Jan 2) 16th Jan  3) 23rd Jan 4) 30th Jan 5) 6th Feb


6) 20th Feb 7) 27th Feb 8) 6th March 9) 13th March 10) March

6. How much is it?

£200 Supporter rate 

£170 Standard Rate

£140 Concession (limited availability)

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