It is a Truth (and) Age Fright: 35 and Counting

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by  Jaleelah Galbraith

Local theatre-maker Jaleelah Galbraith brings her two one-act comedies to the Alma in preparation for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It is a Truth

Jayde is Bristolian, sarcastic, single and obsessed with Jane Austen! Join her as she talks all things literary; love and dating, Beyonce, Bridget Jones and Colin Firth.

Age Fright

Jal was a baby in the 80’s, a kid in the 90’s, a teen at the millennium, and is now an ‘adult’. What has she learnt? No, really, she’s asking – what has she learnt?

Age is just a number. A number which keeps on growing. Jal has had the same crush since she was 11, her puppy fat never left and she is now considered ‘geriatric’ in pregnancy terms.

Join Jal – 34 and a quarter years old and counting – on a comedic trip down memory lane, which includes Point Horror fiction, SMTV Live, the Spice Girls and Dean Cain as she laughs at the biggest joke of them all; ageing.

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