Jeremiah by Jack Dean

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Written and performed by Jack Dean

A rebellious gig theatre show about one of England’s forgotten revolutionaries

On 9 June 1817 Jeremiah Brandreth assembles a crew of protesters in a pub near Nottingham. Their plan is to march on London, overthrow the government, wipe out the National Debt and end poverty forever. What Jeremiah doesn’t know is that there is a spy in his ranks with other ideas…

Featuring original live music inspired by hip hop and cinematic scores, Jeremiah tells the incredible true story of the much-misunderstood Luddite rebellion – a movement that spanned the whole North of England.


‘Impressive poetic, musical and narrative skills…  undoubtedly a performer with an exciting career ahead of him’ // EXEUNT

‘Rap meets British history with comedy and heart which is hugely relative to our current climate’ – Audience comment

‘Story of a rebel – one we should all know – told in the best way’ – Audience comment


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