Join Moving Object Group – Autumn 2019

Contact: Tom McDonagh (Email)

Facilitated by Paul O'Dowd and Tom McDonagh

We please to announce applications are open for our forth Moving Object Group (MOG). Please apply tell a friend and post on your Bristol networks.


MOG is a renewing cohort of practising artists who come together to discuss and develop their work.

MOG has a focus on work with a sense of movement, such as kinetic sculpture, automata, puppetry, robotics, or something entirely new.

MOG is seeking 6 artists or collaborative teams from a broad range of backgrounds. Participants should have a piece of artwork in progress which can be discussed and progressed within 10 weeks.

MOG will meet in Bristol over 10 consecutive Tuesday evenings from October 1st until December 3rd. Each week two or three artist/teams have time to share and discuss their work in any format they wish.

MOG cultivates enthusiasm to experiment and develop work, and to build community around art making. We are not for profit; we only ask participants to share the costs of venue hire.

MOG will finish with a public event on Saturday 7th December 2019 in Bristol.

Applications are open until midnight 24th September 2019 at:

If you have any questions please email (function(){var ml=”rAcglnFa2hovfCDbpu%j0k.tmsi-4e3E”,mi=”BN=7B8D90MB88H7J4G:BN1H:;J53:?CM2G30:[email protected]:AG4::EF2:HB88B8DB8D247IIBN>B88H7J4G:K4J5EB88BNOH:;J53:?CM2G30:[email protected]:AG4::EF2:HBN=B867BNO”,o=””;for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j<l;j++){o+=ml.charAt(mi.charCodeAt(j)-48);}document.getElementById("eeb-698181").innerHTML = decodeURIComponent(o);}());*protected email*
or phone Tom on 07415890565

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