Judging Without Knowing – An original play by Bristol Somali Women about FGM

Contact: Kathryn Hopkins (Email)

Judging Without Knowing

1st & 2nd July at 7pm 

acta Centre, Bedminster BS3 3AY

An original play by Bristol Somali Women about FGM

“There’s so much to celebrate about the Somali culture, but we feel we are being judged and criminalised. We need to speak out and let people know, FGM doesn’t define who we are. Things are different now, we need people to stop judging us and see who we really are.”

Tickets £3 from www.acta-bristol.com or 0117 9532448

“Judging Without Knowing is a show that takes the well argumented FGM narrative on its head. For too long the focus has been on how barbaric the procedure is and that the communities involved cannot help themselves unless there’s awareness and punitive consequences for those who practice it. For many in the community this “white saviour” approach endorsed by a handful of disconnected Somali women is patronising and pose more harm than good. The show depicts how the current FGM procedures deeply affects the families they come in contact with. The women in the show offer a snippet of what life is like when you’re constantly suspected of a crime because of your cultural background. The women in the show are adamant to continue their fight against this stigma until the end of these discriminatory guidelines.” – Hibo, Performer


A partnership between acta Theatre and Talo.

Who is Talo?
Talo is a women-led organisation working with the community on issues that matters to them. We take a positive engagement approach where the user’s needs and goals are central to the support offered. We also strive to empower the service users we engage with by supporting them to access and understand the tools they needs to realise their goals. Talo has successfully delivered numerous projects for the benefit of the community such as half-term family trips, school empowerment programmes, regular support services, advocacy, educational and health workshops. These projects are borne out of the suggestions we receive from the community and are achieved through Team Talo’s continuous effort in being responsive and flexible.

What is acta?

acta Theatre is a little theatre with a big heart who have been helping communities make their own shows about the issues that matter to them, for nearly 35 years.

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