Kitchen Rules Longform Drop-In

Contact: Kitchen Rules Theatre (Email)

The Kitchen Rules Longform Drop In is a weekly drop-in for improvisers who are interested in American-style longform comedic improvisation.

Workshops feature a heavy emphasis on scenework fundamentals and establishing truthful, grounded characters with fun comedic patterns.

Our drop-ins are focusing on Group Work and this workshop will use characters as a focus for a group scene.

There is almost no character which can only be played one way.

Variations on characters, whether it be the truthfulness of how they’re played, the divergence of their points of view, or simply their physicality allow groups to “swarm” as a flock of characters.

We will cover how to support these characters while building them further in a way that allows them to be used as scenes, group games or inspiration for the entire show.

These sessions are OPEN TO ALL, but prior scenework experience and some knowledge of non-narrative longform is recommended.

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