Liam Brennan: The Sleepover Format

Contact: Kitchen Rules Theatre (Email)

In this workshop we will learn the grounded character based longform the Sleep Over, originally developed by Armando Diaz and the UCB team Mother.

The form combines grounded scene work, strong character point of view and swift game playing to bring together multiple characters in a unified world. The result provides the players with the freedom of a montage but the audience with the satisfaction and tightness of a well-written sketch show.

Our special guest teacher Liam Brennan has been performing and teaching improv for over 8 years, having studied under various teachers from The Upright Citizens Brigade, iO and The Nursery.
As well as performing with longform group Fright Club, Liam teaches for Hoopla Impro’s training school and runs improv workshops for clients such as Microsoft and Asos.

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