Livia Rita: Kissing Futures

Contact: Kate Burgess (Email)

Avantgardeners Collective Livia Rita

Join us and reach for utopia!

Be transported to a synthesiser-drenched world through Livia Rita’s FUGA FUTURA, performed with the Avantgardeners Collective. A gang of dancing witches will fill Old E with Livia’s wearable art to lush sounds from the band. Livia’s music collides into a furious, dreamy and tantalising live show; a surreal 4D music video immersing us in her post-human utopia of future feminism and abundant queer ecology.

Kissing Futures is a night set out to question the possibilities for the times to come. The evening will feature inter-disciplinary support from Bristol-based artists and activists. We will platform brave young voices, letting them share their dreams and aspirations for the future. Together we will forge speculative new worlds as night falls, and write hope into the future!

Developed under the mentorship of Lindsay Kemp (David Bowie) and Lea Anderson at the Barbican, Livia’s universe has been described as “Bjork on 3 tabs of LSD.” For fans of Yves Tumor, James Blake, and The Knife.

Doors @ 7.00 PM, Show @ 8:00 PM

Accessibility at the Old England

  • We aim to welcome all deaf and disabled people to our venue, and are currently working on the accessibility of our venue.
  • We have a portable ramp for wheelchair access to main live room
  • Bar room is accessible
  • We are currently working on introducing some gender neutral bathrooms to the venue
  • If yourself or an attendee have any specific needs please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to look into it
  • The back garden and some seating areas are not currently wheelchair accessible – however people congregate out the front and there are plenty of wheelchair accessible seating in the venue

We don’t want to exclude anyone from Utopia so we have a NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds) policy in place. Feel free to message us on Facebook or email us at if you would like to know more!

LIVIA RITA is a young visionary singer, designer and artist with an inexhaustible source of creativity and devotion to music, visual art and a progressive way of thinking. Livia Rita explores avant-garde ways of performing her tender synth soaked music through a strong visual identity formed of art fashion and stylised movement designed by herself.



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