Lockdown Monologues

Listed by: Brass Works Theatre
Contact: Adrian Harris (Email)

Presented by Brass Works Theatre

We challenged writers living in BA and BS postcode areas to mark the COVID-19 crisis with monologues that reflect the extraordinary times in which we’re living. 33 writers met our tight deadline with their quick takes on life during the pandemic.

We chose The Deafening Quiet by Liz Lowe, in which a home-schooling mum enjoys the silence of the smallest room, and Helen Ward’s Village Vigilante, sharing Stan’s vlog of his efforts to keep the social distance in his local community.

Bristol actors Adrian Harris and Stephanie Weston recorded our pick of two scripts and you can watch the results below.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a script and to BBC Writersroom for helping us discover so much fresh talent in and around Bristol and Bath!


York Road

Starts: Fri, 22nd May 2020
Ends: Wed, 21st Oct 2020
Time: 00:00

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