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Do you need more PLAY in your life? Has it all got a bit hard / serious / boring / stressful / grown up? Do you long for a time when you could just let go and play freely in a safe space? Then you’ve found what you’re looking for!

Facilitator / dramatherapist Holly Stoppit takes enormous pleasure in holding space for grown-ups to explore and improve their relationship with play. In her book*** being able to easily access the state of play is our ticket to freedom, acceptance, joy and connection.

“Holly is an extremely skilled holder of space who draws deeply on her wide range of skills and knowledge and gives generously of herself to her workshoppees” – Recent workshop participant

Mindful Play fans the flames of joy, laughter and connection, whilst rooting participants in grounded awareness. Consisting of 4 fortnightly sessions, each lasting 2 1/2 hours (7.30-10pm), the sessions are individually themed as follows:

– Play – 13th February
– Flow – 27th February
– Spontaneity – 13th March
– Connection – 27th March

Each session begins with a short, playfully-delivered chunk of theory from Holly’s research, exploring some of the potential benefits of allowing more play into our everyday lives, and contemplating what our blocks might be.

Holly will then guide you through a short meditation, with the aim of turning your attention inwards to connect with how you are right now. The meditation will move into a play session, exploring the theme of the session through structured games and exercises, using our voices, our bodies and our imaginations.

The play session is designed to be accessible for everyone, however you’re feeling, and the invitation is to play with awareness of your energetic, physical and emotional limits. There are always reasons why we can’t possibly play; we’re too tired or too busy or just not in the mood. Mindful Play is designed to help you discover how you can play within your limits, exploring what healthy, sustainable, joyful play might look like to you.

At the end of the play session Holly will guide you through a reflection, so that you can articulate your own pearls of wisdom to take away from the night.

Who’s it for?

– Its for anyone who’s called to explore and improve their relationship with play
– You don’t need to have done any of Holly’s previous courses
– Previous Holly Stoppit Workshops attendees are welcome
– Aged 18+
– No experience of professional play or meditation is necessary.

The Nitty Gritty

– The sessions run from 7.30-10. As each session is a complete journey, it works best, both for you and the group, if you can arrive early, ready to start at 7.30 and stay for the whole 2 1/2 hour session.
– Bring a water bottle and any snacks you may need to keep you going
– We’ll be working without shoes- wear your best socks or bring your slippers!
– It can get a bit chilly in the space, bring layers to keep yourself warm
– You will need to be sober to attend this class.
– All play will take place within boundaries set out by Holly at the beginning of each session, to keep the space safe for everybody, please respect the boundaries.
– You are responsible for your own well-being during the sessions, please accept the invitation to play within your limits.
– Each session is unique and self contained, so you can attend as many as you like. Attending all four will give you a fully rounded experience of Mindful Play.
– Come as you are and take what you need.

What It Costs

Single sessions, payable through Brown Paper Tickets:
Or on the door IN CASH:

Standard Rate: £15 per session*
Concession Rate: £10 per session**


Standard rate: £50 for all 4 sessions (£12.50 per session)*
Concession rate: £30 for all 4 sessions (£7.50 per session)**

*Standard rate is for people who are in paid work
**Concession rate is for people who are full time students / unemployed / low waged

*** Hollys Book

Holly is writing a book and will be using these sessions to generate research for it. She will be audio recording throughout the sessions. If she uses any of your words, she will not use your names, and will fictionalise the details of any info that might link what you said to your true identity. She may also ask for your permission to take pictures on the night.

Holly Stoppit is a facilitator, dramatherapist, director and performer. To find out more about her work, have a look at her website www.hollystoppit.com

Feel free to email Beccy, Holly’s event coordinator, on if you have any questions.

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