Movement as Inspiration for Devising: Elements (9-10 March)

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Bristol Physical Theatre Project Bristol Physical Theatre Project


This workshop is designed for theatre makers, actors, dancers and circus performers who are interested in devised performance and ensemble creation. The aim of the workshop is to offer a range of tools that stimulate creative process and the performer’s imagination whilst exploring the principles of Lecoq-based work and using movement analysis, gesture and the body as inspiration to develop material from scratch.


The workshop will focus on the relationship between the performer and theatrical space, quality and economy of movement, rhythm and physicality. It will offer a variety of exercises aimed to increase group’s concentration, presence and complicity. Through the use of Lecoq’s concept of ’jeu’ and some Rudolf Laban’s techniques and the use of the Neutral mask participants will analyse the dynamics of elements, concentrating on the ways in which these characteristics can be applied to human situations and be integrated into physical character and narrative development.


This workshop invites participants to move away from the psychological approach to character/narrative creation, engaging into a physical and imaginative discovery of the character’s humanity via the exploration of the movements that are found in nature. The workshop will provide its participants with a range of practical performance making and character creation exercises which can later be applied to the individual artistic practice and further training.


Bristol Physical Theatre Project’s workshops are aimed at performers and artists of various disciplines who would like to widen their performing and performance making skills. The project’s approach to theatre making has a strong emphasis on movement and physicality and concentrates on the idea that the performer’s creative impulse is crucial in the process of collective theatre creation.


If you’re also booking Movement as Inspiration: Animals
workshop (which will take place on the 16-17 March – please check the events section for more info), there’s a 10% discount.


Dates/Times: March 9-10 (both days, Saturday 12.30-5.30/Sunday 13.00 – 5.45)
Prices: £75 (full) £65 (conc) £50 (regular returners)

Info&Bookings: [email protected]


BPTP is founded by Bristol-based performer and theatre-maker Igne Barkauskaite. Igne trained at Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and also holds a BA in Drama at UWE in Bristol. Whilst in Paris, Igne has also had an opportunity to train with Peter Brook (International Centre for Theatre Research) and Nina Dipla (Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch). After completing her two – year course at Lecoq, Igne continued her research at Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico (INDA) in Syracuse, Italy, where she also worked as a visiting movement teacher for the undergraduate actors’ course (2013-2014). As a performer and theatre maker Igne has collaborated with The Missing Pieces (Hamilton House, Bristol Old Vic), The Edible Theatre (Bristol Old Vic, Theatre Uncut), The Mechanical Animal Coorporation (The Paintworks, Bristol Old Vic, Edinburgh Fringe), Panevezio Dramos Teatras (Lithuania), O&O Ensemble (The Wardrobe, The Lyric Theatre, Theatre N16 Balham, The Shoebox Theatre, Exeter Phoenix), BreadKnives (Paris-London). Igne has been facilitating workshops for Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, University of the West of England and UAL. She is represented by Bristol Actors Management Associates.

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