MOVEMENT NARRATIVES – with Cheryl Stapleton

Listed by: Clara Marullo
Contact: Clara Marullo (Email)

Presented by The Actors' Workshop

The Actors’ Workshop is delighted to present this masterclass on physical theatre with expert Cheryl Stapleton.

At the core of physical theatre is the ability to tell a story through the connection and communication of physical bodies in the space. This masterclass looks at how every day, pedestrian behaviours can become a language for theatre and how our bodies often speak louder than words.



You will explore:

  • The nature of the ensemble and developing complicité
  • Rhythms, repetition and physical patterning
  • Creating spaces
  • Corporeal mime solos, duets and choral work
  • Use of music, song, text and soundscaping
  • Techniques from dance and contact improvisation


We will look at the work of Frantic Assembly, DV8, Kneehigh and Complicité, with reference to practitioners such as Jacques Lecoq, Artaud, Berkoff and Grotowski. This masterclass provides ideal CPD for teachers and directors, intensive movement training for performers and acting training for dancers and physical artists. No dance or movement experience is needed, though the willingness to make physical contact with others is essential.

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