Mrs. Gerrish’s Rear Window

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Written by Joe Hobbs

Mrs. Gerrish is somewhat incapacitated. Her guest house is closed for the winter and she can’t even wash the net curtains. She will just have to relax, take it easy and take the opportunity to read all of those enticing crime novels Mrs. Fricker left behind last season. But something isn’t right! She has the eerie feeling that someone is watching her. Someone with evil on their minds.
With binoculars in hand she lays guard at her rear window awaiting the arrival of her only friend, Muriel. The downstairs front door opens. But Muriel is there, in her garden, digging a large hole. So, who could this be, creeping up the stairs?
With the usual combination of period music and scripting laced with oral histories, Kate and Ross play a variety of hilarious characters in this new, upbeat, energetic and inventive production.
“This Ministry certainly lives up to its name.” Evening Post

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