No Kids

Contact: Naomi Jeremy ()

 Ad Infinitum

No Kids is the latest energetic, hilarious, moving and thought-provoking play from the multi award-winning Bristol-based company, Ad Infinitum, co-commissioned by Tobacco Factory Theatres.

Should we have kids, or not? George and Nir are a real-life same-sex couple trying to answer a question many of us face.

Every consideration – adoption, surrogacy, co-parenting, the environmental impact of childbirth, the fears and anxieties, how the past affects parenting and much, much more – brings with it a succession of ethical challenges. Together, George and Nir confront
this chaos head-on. And invite you along for the ride.

Ad Infinitum are an international ensemble and two-time winners of The Stage Award and Off-West End Award. Their previous work includes the critically acclaimed Translunar Paradise, Ballad of the Burning StarLight and Odyssey.

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