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If we fall, who is there to catch us?

Omni is a contemporary circus performance that plays with trust, dependence, and collaboration – the inner workings of a tight-knit ensemble. Presented by the graduating class of Circomedia 2020, Omni is a homage to physical innovation and boundless creativity.

Circomedia is the longest running provider of full-time circus-based education in the UK. Since the BA module’s inception in 2014, graduates have gone on to work in a variety of on and offstage roles for companies such as Mimbre, Citrus Arts, Can’t Sit Still, Circomedia and the Invisible Circus.

“This is what circus is all about!” – Audience

“Brilliant talent and endearing humour.” – The Point, Eastleigh

“You often think that student work won’t live up to the professional realm, and that’s not the case here. A really entertaining evening.” – Kate Kavanagh, The Circus Diaries

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