Once Upon A Time…

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 Gonzo Moose

Tobacco Factory Theatres are delighted to welcome back Gonzo Moose (What The Dickens, I’m An Aristocrat, Get Me Out Of Here) with a fairy tale adventure bursting with their trademark clowning, absurd jokes, live music and magical illusion.

It was cold. It was dark. It was almost certainly snowing…

Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are about to publish the final volume of what will become the greatest ever collection of fairy tales.

But on the eve of their greatest triumph, a shadowy figure from their past lets it be known he intends to collect an old debt.

Now their sister Lotte has to travel deep into the Fairy Tale Kingdom and confront a great evil in order to save her beloved older brothers.

Is our heroine in grave danger? Yes.

From what? Lots of things.

Will she make it back alive? We can’t tell you.

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