Origami & Orienteering

Listed by: Darren Hoskins
Contact: Darren Hoskins (Email)

Devised and Performed by Darren Hoskins

True-life Storytellers, Darren Hoskins and Charlie Markwick share their new solo shows downstairs at Cafe Kino.

Darren, Storyteller, Shepherd and Escapologist and recently elected Bard of Gloucester, tries out his first new solo show in 20 years . “Origami” explains why failing to make a Windmill from a wheelbarrow full of mud in the garden when he was 5 set a (dirty, sticky) pattern for his life.

Then, in “Orienteering”, Poet and Storyteller Charlie relives the journey of the last two years as he navigates the challenges of caring for his wife, who had Dementia…He charts his first faltering steps into a new world of grief and loss. You may find sadness but stumble across smiles and joy too…Charlie will offer insights and strategies that will help you understand the challenges that many of us will face. There will be a chance to offer your thoughts and questions after the show. You can find out more at http://www.yarnwhispering.co.uk/orienteering/

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