Parlour Song by Jez Butterworth

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Demolition expert Ned lives in a nice new house on a new estate on the edge of the English countryside. He loves his job. Outwardly his life is entirely unremarkable. Not unlike his friend and neighbour Dale.

So why has he not slept a wink in six months? Why is he so terrified of losing hisattractive wife Joy? And why is it every time he leaves on business, something else seems to go missing from his home?

Kelvin Players Theatre Company brings you this blackly hilarious exploration of deceit, paranoia and murderous desire from Jez Butterworth (Jerusalem, Mojo).

Join us in July as the spirit of the Blues lands in leafy suburbia!

‘Blissfully funny… combines the comic, the erotic and the downright disconcerting with superb panache’


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