Physical Theatre Summer School led by Dominique Fester

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Holly Stoppit Workshops are delighted to be hosting a week-long summer school from experienced physical theatre teacher, Dominique Fester.

** DEADLINE EXTENDED, we-re still accepting applications for this courses – NOW BOOKING ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS **

*** PLUS!! NEW BURSARY SCHEME – £200 places available for those who would not otherwise be able to access this training (more details below). ***

More about the Physical Theatre Summer School

Discover theatre beyond words and engage with your body to create compelling physical theatre.

What to expect
Over the five days we will explore the mechanics of movement; breaking down how the human body moves and improving our performance expertise. This will be a warmly held, pleasurable environment, where we develop a technique as a group, creating our own style by asking, “What’s working?” We will gently and joyfully discover and extend our natural co-ordination through dance improv exercises and physical theatre exercises including:

• Replay – the art of bringing dramatic storylines to everyday life. We will draw out your strength and flexibility and raise your heart rate.
• We will develop a palette of tools to work with, much like visual artists – exploring colours, the elements, fire, water; how to embody materials – the crunch of broken glass under-foot or the burst of a flock taking flight.
• We will explore rhythm – how a skipped heartbeat can change a whole meaning.
• Neutral Mask – the stripping down of our natural movement away from the quirks and habits we’ve developed towards a more simple, archetypal way of moving.
• Each day you will be challenged to create a piece of work in response to a theme, which will be performed in groups – a process known as Autocours (student investigation).

Expect joy and laughter!

More info here:

Who is Dominique Fester?
Dominique Fester has been teaching and performing in physical theatre for over 15 years. She studied English and Drama at University of London, Contemporary Dance at Rubicon Cardiff, and trained at the Lecoq School in Paris where she learned advanced performance and theatre making. She specialises in delivering Lecoq-based Physical Theatre training in and around a Bristol, is currently in training to become a Psychotherapist at BCPC. She is a professional idiot in fooling ensemble; Beyond The Ridiculous run by Holly Stoppit.

Dates: Monday 12 – Friday 16 August 2019
Times: 10am-6pm each day
People: 12
Venue: St Michaels Parish Hall, central Bristol
Cost: £350 standard / £325 low income / £300 no income / NEW £200 BURSARY PLACES*

Bursary places – Holly Stoppit workshops are delighted to be offering 4 x £200 places on this course. We’re especially keen to award bursaries to people aged 24 or under or anyone in full time education.

This course is week two of Holly Stoppit’s 4-week summer school programme, but applications for the other three weeks have now closed. For a full list of the summer schools look here:

* Unlike the other 3 weeks of Holly Stoppit’s summer school, you can apply for this course without having completed Holly’s Introduction To Clowning Weekend. *

The questions on the application form are designed to help us organise balanced groups of participants, taking things like age, gender, performance experience and hopes for the workshop into account to create optimum learning groups.


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions that aren’t answered here.

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