Pilates for Performers

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 The Actors Workshop

The Actors’ Workshop is delighted to welcome Sue Gilbert to teach Pilates for Performers. Sue has taught Pilates at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for 16 years and is an absolute expert on bodywork of all kinds for performing artists.

Sue Gilbert’s broad knowledge in fitness, anatomy, physiology and bodywork treatments makes her tailor-made sessions dynamic, intuitive, integrative and rewarding. She is extremely approachable, fun and empathic which makes training an absolute joy as well as “to the point!”

Everyone is different, everyone’s experiences are unique, and everyone’s life lessons are a whole dynamic of different circumstances weaved to create entirely different perspectives, emotions and patterns. Sue works on all levels when training her clients, that is what makes her sessions so unique and rewarding, you cant help but feel inspired and amazing on all levels.

Sue specialises in working with athletes and actors, but also teaches members of the public and gives expert talks and classes at corporate health days and several team-building events around the UK.


TUESDAYS 7.00 to 8.00pm

Cost: Students, under 18s, Equity and current members of The Actors’ Workshop £7 per class or £72 for the term. All others £10 per class or £110 for the term.

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