Playful contemporary Dance Workshop.

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 Crystal Zillwood

Playful Contemporary dance improvisation workshop.

Playful Contemporary Dance Workshop, working with contact improvisation, exploring the power and use of gravity in our bodies and movement and exploring our innate creative potential within movement. Drawing on my experiences with Gaga technique, Skinner Release technique and my research into our animal bodies.

Expect some playful games to warm and strengthen our bodies, exploration tasks to discover and release tensions that we are holding onto, discovering how bodies can move in multiple ways wither alone or together and some good tunes to lighten the soul.

I’m  hoping for you to feel energised, alive, challenged , to discover your innate creative potential and to feel more connected to your yourself and your body.

Crystal has been teaching for several years and has taught in variety of environments for different projects including movement direction for Theatre, workshops in schools and teaching in Conservatoires such as Northern School of Contemporary dance and The Place.

WHEN: Sunday 2nd February 2020. 1.30 -4pm

WHERE: The Dance Space at The Island
Bridewell Street, 1st floor

COST: £8 drop-in .No need to book.

PLEASE ARRIVE 10 MINUTES EARLY, so we can start altogether and on time. The entrance to The Island can be a bit confusing so please prepare for that. It is on Bridewell Street and you will need to press the buzzer to be let in.

Any questions, please post in this event or send an email to [email protected]

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Crystal Zillwood is a contemporary dancer,performer,choreographer and movement director.
Crystal has taught at Northern school of Contemporary dance, The Place London, Galway Dance and other Universities.

After completing her degree and post graduate dance company ‘Verve’ 13  at NSCD , she toured and performed with Gary Clarke ‘Knock knock’ liz Rcohe, Theo Clinkard ‘Bright Field’, Ben Wright ‘Spectrum’ and worked in project working with childrens theatre and puppetry ,collaborated with Live Artist Megan Rooney in Dusseldorf and movement directed several Theatre Piece for the ‘Vault festival’ in London.

Crystal has a passion of improvisation and the discovery you find within your body and new sense of freedom you can enjoy as well a freedom within releasing, falling and challenging your body. Crystal brings a light hearted and playful approach within facilitating a safe environment to fully thrive with the ideas and each other in the space.



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