Final Bristol Preview of New Black Comedy CHECKPOINT!

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Written by Saito Hawkins

Checkpoint is a brand new, tragi-comic drama from Startled Cat! Theatre in partnership with Southwest Scriptwriters and the brilliant Lightship Theatre.

In a time of hard borders and systematic segregation, enigmatic stranger Roman, arrives at a checkpoint and attempts to bluff and bribe his way past two incompetent border-guards…

Checkpoint satirises the absurd logic of xenophobic paranoia – inspired by the dark history of the Berlin Wall and the current political climate. The story unravels the concept of hard borders, shining a light on the psyche of those who uphold them with a savage sense of humour to boot.

Come and support a local startup theatre and be among the first to see the brilliantly funny Checkpoint ahead of its Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut in August.

If you’re not a stranger to taking a shot in the dark, then do not miss out on this unmissable black comedy from Startled Cat!

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