Push Point

Listed by: The Station

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Presented by Emma Hughes, Marcin Gawin & Joshua Ward

Push Point is a day long festival of live performances, art and music by the first cohort of emerging young artists on the Creative Futures programme at Creative Youth Network.

Performances and events will be taking place throughout the day include – 


By Marcin Gawin

An interactive performance that examines the state of abjection and human ability to tame impluses through reversed autopsy.

Throughout the day.



By Emma Hughes

A playful mapping of space, place and relationships. Using live performance and technology to recreate times and environments in between journeys. 




By Joshua Ward

An audio-visual exhibition-archive forged by personal belongings abandoned in dustry boxes left in the loft. Visitors are invited to explore and engage with the archive. 

Exhibition throughout the day with a live performance at 7pm


When: 2nd December, from 11:30am

Where: The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG

Tickets are £2.50, and suitable for ages 11+

You can join us for the whole day or just choose a performance that interests you. 

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