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Dance meets circus in Quimera, a powerful and darkly funny performance of a wannabe heroine inspired by Cervantes’ D. Quixote.

Meet Quimera, a retiree who wants to change the world… emerging from her tiny room into a fantastical landscape that inadvertently leads her to becoming a hero.

With bold contemporary dance, stunning aerial and acrobatics, choreographer Neus Gil Cortés effortlessly blends humour with quirky and extreme physicality.

NUA Dance’s newest and most ambitious work to date features a five person intergenerational ensemble of circus and dance artists, led by Sarah Dowling.

“The blend of circus and dance is seamless and natural. I was completely hooked throughout” – Audience member

Circomedia - St Paul's Church

Portland Square

Date: Fri, 20th Sep 2019
Time: 19:30

Price: £14

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