Return To Heaven

Contact: Naomi Jeremy (Email)

Written, Directed & Choreographed by Mark Bruce
Costume Design Dorothee Brodrück
Lighting Design Guy Hoare
Set Design Phil Eddolls

Multi award-winning Mark Bruce Company bring their flair for vivid story-telling (DraculaThe OdysseyMacbeth) to a dark new captivating tale drawn from popular culture and ancient Egyptian myth. Dance theatre at its most potent. 

Bruce and his astonishing company of dancers pull you into a cinematic love story full of the rich and visceral imagery that has become their trademark. Presenting a hallucinatory nightmare of unleashed demons, sinister scientists and supernatural forces, two adventurers (Dane Hurst, Eleanor Duval) tumble into a waking dream of a land beyond time and death. Imagine the world of Indiana Jones as viewed through the lens of David Lynch, set to a soundtrack ranging from Penderecki to Lanegan.

Hypnotic, poignant and intricately choreographed, Return to Heaven is a beautiful horror, laced with the darkest of humour.

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