Rope workshop with Ezra Weill

Contact: Laura Murphy (Email)

 Ezra Weill

Rope worskhop with ENC graduate Ezra Weill! Ezra is a dynamic and innovative artist who has developed a unique style, which combines juggling and manipulation technique with aerial rope.

Links to Ezra’s work:

Workshop details:
28th – Dynamic moves and tempos!
Little tempos, big tempos, front, back, up, down, we will cover them all. But now that we have all of these lovely tempos what do we do with them? Come and find out!

29th – Object Manipulation on Vertical apparatuses
Plates, lamps, rocks, pillows, bring them all and what ever else you might want to take up with you on the rope. We will also work on manipulating our apparatus when it is not rigged to the ceiling.

This workshop is suitable for intermediate/advanced students who feel comfortable with a range of beats and flares.

28th & 29th April, 11-2pm
£100 for both days

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